Funeral Services

We have put together some information to assist you in choosing the right service for your loved one.

Whether you are looking towards cremation or burial there are many options available. Your decision may be influenced on many factors including tradition, religion, cost and the wishes of your loved one.


  • Doctors' Fees: £ 82.00 This fee is only applicable when cremation is in order and the coroner is not involved.
  • Cremation Fee for Torquay: £1069.00 not including the organist, or unattended cremation £650.00
  • Cremation Fee for Exeter: £999.00 includes organist, or unattended cremation £499.00
  • Purchase of a Grave in Torquay Cemetery:Plot: £1595 then Single £1230 Double £1365 Treble £1520.
  • Purchase of a Cremated remains Grave: POA. To Open Plot £290.00.

Funeral Notices

Here you can find all our funeral notices.

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